About Us

Our Company

AAA All Professional Moving Company was started by James Lovett, a former NFL football player, who started his own full service moving company in Tampa, FL. James Lovett has not only been overseeing his moving company, but he  funded his moving company with a $5000 loan. He has run the day to day operations and in the field every day for over twenty years now, to ensure the quality of every move is up to his high standards. His determination and work ethic has built one of the finest and well respected moving companies in all of the Tampa Bay area.

Our Mission

Our moving company is very particular about the movers, we hire in our company. All of our movers have been with the company for  over ten years, which says a lot about AAA All Professional Moving and Storage. We do not hire irresponsible employees. AAA All Professional Moving and Storage prides itself in the quality of our employees. We have only hired industry professionals with a minimum of 2 years of consistent mover’s experience. All of the movers on our team are drug tested regularly and have had extensive background checks completed. We want you to know that when you let any of our movers in your house that you and your belongings will experience a safe move. All movers have attended moving school and can handle any moving situation with the professionalism and care deserved. We have experience moving high-dollar expensive equipment, furniture, artwork and the most precious of all you and your family safely.